More on account services

27th May 2011 by BlueShadow

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Thank you to everyone for the feedback. Some of it has been constructive, some emotional, but all of it has shown how much feeling is attached to the game by those that play it.

The reason for banning account trading and offering paid login transfer is to counter a considerable load on our support for fraudulent activity surrounding account trading. We have many stories of broken friendships, relationships and much more. The process allowed by the EULA had some issues that didn’t work as well as we had hoped; therefore we are now removing it entirely. We understand that sometimes players want to stop using Squidwolf Syndicate but wish to donate their account to a friend. This is still possible. However, there needs to be a deterrent for the abuses that have occurred in the past.

Just remember that the prices we have given is for limitation of use. Placing it at 40 was a guesstimate so I am more than willing to consider different values, just remember as the price goes down the chance of exploitation goes up.

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