Odd girl out

6th June 2013 by Izzy

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The last time I blogged, I was right in the middle of the Keynote crunch addressing concerns about the closure of Squidwolf Collaboration. This time, I’m hoping I can hit on some more fun topics without causing a scandal.

One thing we noticed is that people have been wondering where all the smaller projects that we hand over to Squidwolf Syndicate have gone; They were curiously absent from the content release we are currently running starting with Timelines I, but the reason isn’t that all devs like Squidwolf Minecraft best. The EMAID department at Project: hazel has the practice of assigning devs to a single project, which allows them to develop and focus on a single thing without getting distracted by other shiny things. These things are coming but they will probably wait until after MIKA, so expect them to show up in Novemberish.

Next we are in the middle of finishing off Colossus when we got attacked. We have a set protocols to deal with this sort of thing and the first thing we do is to pull everything which has been made live but not throughly tested by STARS ensuring that everything on the network stays safe. It has worked in the past and it worked now, but naturally it means a delay on things.

Look at this:


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