Oh packet, where are you?

27th September 2011 by Shelby

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We have been going over information regarding connections to Squidwolf Gaming Network and the quality of the paths. To get a better picture of this, we would like to ask you a small favor to help us better map access and peering into Alive and Surface.

Use this IP ( for testing, It’s the only one that replies to pings. Use the default ping interval in pingplotter and an hour of data will do (15 sec interval, 250 times). Pingplotter is a very good tool for this. It gives a very visual screenshot of the path our preciousssss little Gaming packets travel when you play. We are especially looking for packet loss, since this is what can affect your playing experience the most (framerate jerks, screen locks up etc.)! Latency (ping times) is not a big factor as long as it stays steady over time, for example, steady at 200ms is quite fine since we do not require latency in the low tens to play like FPS games.

Thank you very much for your response and help, we have recieved over 500 mails! They should be enough for now, and enough ammo to use on our providers. We’ll probably ask you again if we get something changed so we can compare and see if it improved the situation.

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