Polaris finishes construction of the Basic Tutorial Arena

5th April 2013 by Dominic Adamson

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Shocking news from the HazelNet this week; Polaris finishes construction of the first tutorial arena, announces that it will be open for us with the next patch. In the light of recent achievements, the move did not only surprise outsiders as well as existing players, it came as a complete surprise to the dev team itself.

FlyingSquidwolf and his fellow developers took a moment of their time to both reminisce on the team’s achievements and to explain the recent success.

Polaris started as merely a banner name for the whole of the Dev Team at Project: Hazel. In order to further the storyline that is taking place in Squidwolf Minecraft, Polaris needed to exist physically in the game. The idea to set the basic tutorial arena in the world of Polaris was a recent decision made only a new weeks ago.

Work had already begun on the construction of the tutorial arena before christmas and the decision to relocate the entire site as a painful process of stitching it and re-terraforming the whole area into an entirely different world type.

The “Basic Tutorial” is just one of five tutorial sites which are planned over the course of the next few months leading up to the next expansion.

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