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4th April 2013 by Dominic Adamson

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Who am I? My name is Dominic ‘FlyingSquidwolf’ Adamson, and I’m one of the Co-Founders of Project: Hazel and the creator of Squidwolf Syndicate. I used to be a member of Cyberhornets Hackerboard from May 2006, and I joined Project: Hazel when it was founded in August 2009.

I am a huge Internet Addict and if you to a Google Search for “FlyingSquidwolf” you’ll see that everything on the first page (and probably pages 2,3,4 and beyond) are all about me or Squidwolf Syndicate.

Where can you find me? Well here, of course! But if you play video games then you can find me on Squidwolf Minecraft (our Minecraft Server), on Xbox LIVE (GT: FlyingSquidwolf), on Steam (ID: FlyingSquidwolf), and also on EVE Online (as, surprisingly FlyingSquidwolf).

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