Release timeframe for Red Vortex…soon!

21st May 2011 by Shelby

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First I’d like to apologize for how the information about the release timeframe for Red Vortex has been announced. You should have read it here first, and this won’t happen again.

Shortly before HackWales and some time after the RAGE Magazine interview, we were reviewing our featureset for Red Vortex, considering whether a small delay with fewer features or a longer delay with all the features was the right thing to do. This is why the RAGE Magazine interview is so vague and the HackWales press material more detailed.

We went for a longer delay but decided on porting some of the content to come out before Red Vortex. After this was decided, our marketing team went to HackWales while we started working on the Feature pages, containing detailed information about Red Vortex’s various features and it also contains screenshots and other visual material to accompany this.

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