SquidNews | Polaris Empire makes ‘At’ stargate address public

6th September 2013 by Dominic Adamson

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February – Polaris Empire confirms they have discovered a second stargate address to a world referred to in ancient text as ‘At’. They have announced this information will full details. The stargate address (confirmed to be working) is below:

20 – 18 – 11 – 38 – 10 – 31 – 9

These digital correspond to the 38 symbols of the stargate cartography which translates below as:

Block of Iron, Wool, Coal Ore, Block of Emerald, Iron Ore, Soulsand, Gold Ore

Currently the only stargate confirmed to exist on the core worlds is deep inside Teal’c Mountain, Edge and the territory is currently claimed by Indigo. The SafeZone Assembly, a recently founded coalition between the four empires is debating whether to force Indigo to surrender this land to the SafeZone Assembly and allow free travel between worlds only reachable by the stargate network.

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