Summer Sorrows

27th June 2013 by Izzy

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We occasionally get days that hint that summer should be here – days like Saturday, when the sky was blue and almost free of clouds (in a way that I tend to think of as typically Canadian) and I sat on the grassy hillside referred to at the end of PH Blue Shadow’s long speech about how much she missed Hazel with a double latte, waiting for inspiration on what to code next. Naturally, it’s been overcast since then, and no ray of inspiration has struck me yet, so you’ll have to excuse a rambling blog.

Since the last blog, I’ve done the basics of taking some of the NPC modifications we did, and made them blend better with the original vanilla mobs which is why we will be seeing Faction Mobs this summer.

Meh actually I’m not in the mood for writing, see you guys later. x

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