The Light and the End of the Tunnel

10th August 2013 by Persian

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Summers tend to be a more relaxed time here at Project: Hazel due to vacations and whatnot. The MIKA deadline looms ominously closer and closer while Polarians goof around sunbathing, imbibing insane quantities of intoxicants and perverting the general peace and harmony of our community.

Now we’re back in business. The programmers are completing their tasks, allowing us in the content department to start creating all the new and exiting stuff we’ve been hinting at in our devblogs. I’ve been back for a week now and am just getting into the right gear. So next week I’ll of course start mass producing, right? Wrong! I’m going to uproot myself and enter the good ol’ US of A. My mission is simple: aiming for Atlanta; my goal is to preach the holy word that is Squidwolf the to bright young Americans at the premium geek fest that is ATLcon.

So what will I talk about this week? Of course, I chose one of the very few things that is still left on the programmer’s to-do list. Squidwolf SQL. HazelCredits, aka premium in-game items. So what about HazelCredits? well we already had it on Squidwolf Minecraft (we disabled it about a month ago since it was insanely buggy) and it will return again as a paid-for currency. We would like to stress that this is not a ‘pay-to-win’ currency and HazelCredits are only applicable to such abilities like Fly and LimitedCreative.

All current players on Squidwolf Minecraft will receive 1,000 Hc (Hc stands for HazelCredit) free-of-charge when Transforming Experience is deployed.

As for Squidwolf SQL you may have noticed that we are seeing errors all over the place with Squidwolf Apache and these will (hopefully) be all taken care of when the expansion is deployed.

Meanwhile, the light at the end of the tunnel is the MIKA express train and lets all hope we won’t get run over by it.

So says Persian.

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