Unscheduled downtime 20:00-20:30

13th June 2010 by BlueShadow

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The reason for the Browser Crashes that have the following symptoms:

User comes into our network via a strange link and locks up. Only fix is to petition for a PH move.

I will now attempt to explain how the crash occurred.
Our network is composed of several small centralised servers. Depending where you are located on the planet, you are tied to a specific server. However, your server may not be responsible for some of the services you use on our network which is where the ‘SquidPassport’ system comes in.

When you attempt to access or use a service which your home server does not provide, your login is rerouted internally on our network to the destination server and then the service is transmitted back to you via your home server.

If your server is experiencing a high volume of traffic or the destination server is, this can in some cases cause a connection timeout somewhere along the delivery line which causes these crashes.

We have now fixed it so the traffic will be rerouted to another server on the network if such events occur and then on to the home server.

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