Closure of Squidwolf Collaboration

13th November 2012 by Dominic Adamson

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Squidwolf Syndicate has been active for a total of four years now and over that time we have seen new services launched and older ones closed. The way we operate our network is constantly evolving and changing along with the ebbs and flows of the ecosystem of the Internet.

We have realised that some of our services are no longer necessary and it is best to shut them down to make way for newer and more exciting things rather than just leave them to stagnate.

The deployment of Inherit Velocity on 11 December 2012 brings with it the closure of Squidwolf Collaboaration. From 13:00 UTC on Tuesday, 11 December 2012 you will no longer be able to access Squidwolf Address Book and Squidwolf Collaboration.

Please ensure you have made preparations to download your data from these services before this date or your data will no longer be accessible by you.

There are lots of alternatives to these services available on the Internet. If you are an Apple user, we recommend you set up the Address Book and Calendar services with your devices on iCloud. Apple provides the same services as we used to do, the only exception to this is that your data won’t be accessible on certain Squidwolf products such as Forums, Wiki, Web Hosting, Gaming Network, and a few others.

For more information on the closure of Squidwolf Collaboration, please read this Dev Blog Post by EMAID Izzy.

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