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12th October 2013 by FibreSquirrel

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Long time no blog,

The Squidwolf Events crew has been in preparation mode over the last month or so, and quite a lot of big decisions have been made. We have new experts, new magicians, new content and two whole websites to build.

Voodoo Banquet
Squidwolf Studios will be present at Voodoo Banquet. We are still looking into doing a live stream from there

If you want to find out more about this event, click here.

Squidwolf Events
Remember those huge keynotes that we would hold simultaneously in three different locations? Well we want to bring them back but on a smaller scale. This will be something which happens with Potion Forest, though. Although I am part of the planning team I won’t actually get to enjoy it when it sees the light of day.

See you at Voodoo Banquet!!

And finally….

This is the official release for Voodoo Banquet:

Dining with Masters of legerdemain

For the first time in Buckingham, fine dining garnished with close-up, table top magic, at the University’s historic, riverside Tanlaw Mill restaurant.

Combining food and fantasy, a Voodoo banquet transforms  a meal out with friends into an unforgettable whole evening experience.

Secret Cabaret finale

Enjoy your end-of-meal coffee, liqueur and After 8 mints with our spooky Halloween Secret Cabaret.

Be dazzled by a mind-bending display of paranormal phenomena to close an evening out like no other.

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