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5th April 2017 by Dominic Adamson

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The first content expansion, a new type of update from Project: Hazel that is much larger in scope than a regular patch and yet smaller than a full expansion. It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the Echoing Spectrum edition.

It signifies the start of our movement towards more growth and massive new services forming, it also includes the first steps to bring members closer together as a whole. Squidwolf Mail will handle larger attachment sizes, Squidwolf File Sharing leaves BETA and the first seed of our soon-to-be social network shows it’s head for the first time.

Squidwolf File Sharing – RELEASE

It’s finally here! It’s out of BETA! We are proud to bring you version 1.0 of Squidwolf File Sharing and bi-weekly content additions.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Public BETA

Get in the game! Join us on ETQW with the Public BETA being open to all of our members up to Echoing Spectrum.

SquidRooms – RELEASE

Project Cancelled

Squidwolf Video Streaming – Private BETA

Project Cancelled

Squidwolf Web Proxy – RELEASE

If you are in school in South Wales, chances are you have heard of Squidwolf Web Proxy. Now we are making it even more awesome by opening it up to everyone.

Online Storage Increase

All members (including free members) can enjoy an increase in their online storage accounts!

Squidwolf Mail – Attachment Increase

Still using Yahoo! or Windows Live Mail? Move over to Squidwolf Mail and enjoy a huge 250 MB attachment limit!

Squidwolf Social – Private ALPHA

The Developers have seeded the first release of Squidwolf Social, our upcoming social network. Currently open to developers only or buy early access for $9.99 CAD.

Squidwolf Store – Private BETA

If you have been around since the beginning, you will have already visited the Private ALPHA test of Squidwolf Store to download the awesome Squidwolf Magazine. Now it’s in Private BETA and you can buy access for $2.49 CAD.

Squidwolf Web Design – Private BETA

So you like our previous web project we have built here & there? Get us to buy you a shiny WordPress website for you. Buy early access to this for just $4.99 CAD.

Squidwolf Image Hosting – Public BETA

Project Cancelled

Squidwolf Mail – New Search Architecture

Mail is now a lot more stable and you can search the messages on the server rather than waiting for everything to download to our computer or mobile device.

Squidwolf IM – Network Improvements

We are not quite there yet with regards to federation but it’s coming! Watch this space! In the mean time, enjoy a lot more stability on mobile devices with our network improvements.

Squidwolf New Push Notification Architecture

Paving the way for more services on jailbroken iOS devices, we have built an entire Push Notification Service.

Squidwolf Calendar Sharing

You can now share select calendars on Squidwolf iCal service with other members via our new subscription service,

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