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– When no Devs from Polaris are online AutoMod performs their work for them. When a player logs in for the first time they are watched for a while and their behaviour will be analysed.

– AutoMod retrieves information from NoCheatPlus for griefer analysis.


– Are you a hunter? Get rewarded in the form of ‘Halo 3-style- killing sprees.


– NPCWarehouse will link in with Factions, Spout, and Spoutcraft for a great npc experience.

– NPC Features:

  • Custom name
  • Name an npc with a player’s name and the npc will get the player’s skin
  • Give the npc an item to hold
  • Ability to move, rename, and kill npcs
  • Give an npc a custom message to say on right click
  • Select the npc by right clicking them or using a command
  • Give the npc armor to wear
  • Have the NPC send messages to other NPCs on other servers or the same server!
  • Have the npc fight alongside with a faction [coming soon]
  • Set the npc’s skin and cape (Spout + SpoutCraft required)
  • Completely Configurable! (config.yml configuration file)
  • Craft an npc by placing any color wool on top of sand (or sand under wool)


– Saplings found on the ground will automatically become planted after 30 seconds.


– Macros are now officially prevented thanks to this nifty plugin.

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