Breathing Empire 1.1

24th October 2017 by Dominic Adamson

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  • The frontend of the Account Management User Interface has been completely redesigned to allow for a cleaner and more responsive experience. Because of this change, users not using a Modern Web Browser may be subject to a decreased experience.
  • Squidwolf Hosting website has been overhauled to provide a clean & minimal experience.
  • Coupon codes for Secure and Store have been reactivated, we will be revealing these soon.
  • 16 new products have been added to Store.



  • Formatting on emails has been restored.


  • Resolved an issue in which some users could not create new hosting packages for existing domains.
  • The caught exception bug has now been completely squashed into oblivion and will (hopefully) never come back.
  • Fixed an issue with font rendering in the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Add Credit system now features a dropdown menu.

User Interface

  • Colours on Account Management now correctly reflect our corporate image.


  • Resolved graphical issues with the transition to our new design.


  • French & Spanish translations have been thoroughly rechecked for accuracy.


  • Memes added.

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