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Patch Notes for Horizon I


– We have made massive improvements on network traffic prioritisation which means less lag for you guys!

– In the event that we experience more traffic than usual, idle test servers will come online to handle the increased load.


– Bounties has been re-added to the server. It is now possible to place a bounty on another player.

– You can now anonymously place bounties on other players if you aren’t brave enough to put a face to the abuse.

Target Tracking

– You can view the last-known coordinates of someone who has a bounty placed upon them.

Slayer Rewards

– Default Bounty prizes will now be provided by Polaris for killing targets of interest.

– Since Polaris has a long-standing feud with the Enders, you will earn up to 70Sc for each Enderman you kill.

– Polaris will also provide bounty prices for killing Witches, Withers, and Zombies.


– NPC Exp-drops have been adjusted.

Pet Names

– We have introduced pet naming for those of you with a lot of animals in your house.

– Add names to your pets for 4Sc each.


– Players will receive 1Sc every time they login.

– Players will receive a health repair when they login.

Note: Abuse of this service will not be tolerated and you may receive a warning if you logout and back in again excessively.


– Players will now earn 1Sc per one minute of connection (Real Time).

– Collect your play-cheque from Cash Machines (at Polaris Embassies).

– Max time per session is fixed to 120Sc and max amount per day fixed to 1000Sc.

Pumpkin Mall

– Pumpkin Mall is finally open!

– All shops are fully open and goods can now be purchased from them.

– Some newer items may not be available.

– Bedrock has been removed from all shops.

Squidwolf COLOSSUS

– Squidwolf Colossus website is now online.

– Squidwolf Insider is now online.


– Colossus is the new homepage for Squidwolf Syndicate.

– Find out more about Squidwolf Syndicate on Squidwolf Colossus.

– See the World map in realtime.


– Squidwolf Services Network is closing and will be replaced by Squidwolf Insider.

– News From Squidwolf

– Dev Blogs

– Patch Notes

– Press Releases

– World News

Squidwolf Hosting

– Squidwolf Hosting has entered Private ALPHA.

– Buy access for £50.00

– 10 GB Storage

– 16 GB Bandwidth

– 10 FTP Accounts

– 5 Mailboxes

– 10 Email Forwarders

– Account remains active for the duration of the Private ALPHA.


– MacPorts base version 2.1.3 installed.

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