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5th January 2013 by Dominic Adamson

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Patch notes for Squidwolf Syndicate: Inherit Velocity 1.1

Deployed on Saturday, 12 January 2013.



Squidwolf Minecraft

The Pretty Scary Update is finally here!

– Beacons! No, not “bacon”, but a beam of light to pimp your castle with!

– Carrots on sticks! Get on your pig and tell it where to go!

– Frames & Flower pots! Finally something to put in your windows. For that cozy, homely feeling.

– Potatoes! Carrots! Pumpkin Pies! An array of pixellated delicacies. Just in time for Halloween!

– Anvils! Your sword can now be a “Dragon’s Tooth” if you want, or you could just repair it a little.

New Boss! Wither!

– Better craft a diaper, pal.

Wither Skeletons!

– Tougher, scarier, witherer.

Zombie infection!

– The disease is spreading! “Uuuuhh, ooohhh”…

Monsters are smarter & stronger!

– Improved AI and they now carry equipment. There’s nothing like getting slashed with a sword you dropped the last time you died…

Squidwolf Custom AI is almost ready! Expect it with Inherit Velocity 1.1.1!!!


Squidwolf Minecraft – New AI

Blacksmith! Pay these new citizens on our server to repair your tools, armor, and other equipment.

CitiTraders! In accordance with phasing out selling items directly to the server, you can now buy & sell items from these new citizens on our server. Those with appropriate permissions can also hire citizens to sell and buy items for them.

Sentry! Create these citizens to guard your land. Tell them to attack everything or just what you choose and who you choose. Plot out their guard area.

Postal! These citizens are the mailmen and women of Squidwolf Minecraft. To offset this we will be reducing the ‘talk distance’ of the on-server chat system.



Squidwolf Minecraft

– Fixed a bug resulting in the /me command only working for OPs.

– Fixed /tell command not working correctly.

– Partially cured lighting glitches.

– Fixed belt items being coloured when wearing tinted blocks/armor.

– Fixed the second layer on skins not being placed correctly when sneaking.

– Blazes now properly spawn in Nether Fortresses.

– Fixed pets teleporting around randomly.

– Fixed PvP-disabled servers still allowing players to set other players on fire using Fire Aspect enchanted swords.

– Fixed entities in minecarts becoming invisible.

– Fixed mobs randomly suffocating.

– Fixed stairs, slabs & fences glitching visually sometimes.

– Fixed mobs falling through blocks.

– Fixed wet wolves looking way too scary.

Squidwolf Main Site

We have adjusted the width of the main banner graphic to allow for the liquid side bar to not obstruct main content.



– Chickens now use seeds instead of wheat to breed.

– Pigs now use carrots instead of wheat to breed.

– You can now restore a desolate village or create a completely new village.

– Boss names now appear above boss health bars.

– Xp is now awarded for fishing and breeding.

– Icon styles have been improved.

– Doors, trapdoors, levers, and buttons are no longer triggered by the left mouse button.

– Witch Huts will now spawn in swamps.

– Silverfish blocks now rarely generate in Extreme Hills biomes.

– Carrots and potatoes can now be found growing in villages.

– Command blocks have been added.


For full details on the Pretty Scary Update, please visit this link.


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