Outlined Surface 1.0.2

18th December 2015 by Dominic Adamson

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Patch notes for Outlined Surface 1.0.2

Patch notes for Dominion 1.0.2, released 13 December 2015.



  • SafeZone markets have reopened on Squidwolf Minecraft.

Minecraft – Factions

  • If a Faction had gained territory just prior to the Outlined Surface expansion the backdated Fp might not have taken effect, this has been corrected.
  • Issues with Advent Calendar have been fixed.
  • You can once again spawn Faction Mobs.

Account Management

  • All recurring payments to Potion Forest LLP via Paypal have been cancelled.


  • Outlined Surface expansions page is now live.

Magazine – Store

  • The following products have been added to the store:
    • DiRT Rally 4 (Steam)
    • Fallout 4 + Black Ops 3 Combo Pack (Steam)
    • FIFA 16 for Xbox One (Xbox Live)
    • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Steam)
    • Might & Magic: Heroes VII (Uplay)

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