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Patch notes for Squidwolf Syndicate: Road to SquidCraft

To be released on Friday, 31 August 2012.



Squidwolf Minecraft

– All weapons that you on the receiving end of are displayed in icon format on the new Squidwolf Minecraft website. These icons display who is attacking you, what level they are and what time of weapon it is.

– There is a new Squidwolf Texture pack now available.

– Entries in most chat logs can now be copied with CTRL+C. If entries are selected, only those will be copied, but if nothing is selected and the focus is on another area of the screen, all entries are copied. Pasting into other programs such as word processing applications will preserve formatting.

– ‘/Clear’ and ‘/MOTD’ have been re-added.

– There is now a right click option available outside of active sessions.

– Ranking is now automatic based on how long you have spent in the game using the HazelSkill software.

– You can buy access to Squidwolf Minecraft: Private ALPHA for $9.99 CAD on Squidwolf Store.




– Base sources updated.

– automake 1.12.3_0 installed.

– cyrus-sasl12 2.1.23_2+kerberos installed.

– webp 0.2.0_0 installed.

– ImageMagick 6.7.9-0_0+q16 installed.

– pcre 8.30_1 installed.



– Users can now request an account upgrade via email.

– Free Account has had it’s server storage set to 640 MB.

– SquidBasic no longer has access to Squidwolf Time Machine Server by default. Users must request this via email.

– SquidStandard have had the mysterious HazelStandings penalty removed.


Squidwolf Web Server

– HazelPress installations have received the following changes:

• Installation has been upgraded to version 3.4.1

• No Update Nag has been upgraded to version 1.2.1

• Lowered HazelStandings rewards per monthly use to +0.1


Network Bots

– All common Microsoft Office file types will no longer be refused and will instead by flagged as ‘safe’ in line with other files.

– Simple documents with a file size lower than 5 KB will have their size artificially increased to 8 KB to ensure safe transit.

– The file headers of legacy email files will be artificially modified in-transit to ensure safe arrival.

– A notification will be sent if delivery of any file on the network fails to reach it’s destination by a Bot.


Squidwolf Store

– A lot of new voucher types have been added to the store that previously could only be accepted by request.

– Loyalty points are now convertible into usable vouchers which can be spent accumulative with other vouchers.


Network Shaping

– ‘Edge’ Server is due to be relocating in the coming weeks to a new home. It’s geolocation has been removed from file headers in preparation for this.


Squidwolf Minecraft

– The rank is now part of a player’s name. For players who are not yet on the first rank will have the flag as Recruit [Rec].

– The first Rank available grants player permission to use Compass and to get their location in the game world.

– Players will not be able to build anything until level Apprentice, Grade II.

– A few improvements have been made into the HomeSpawn point. It is now possible to use a boat.

– The most common player controls are available from Level 3.

– The most common player abilities are available from Level 4.

– All players except from Recruit can now use Squidwolf Railways.

– Repetition of chat entires is no longer possible.

– Developers are now invulnerable.


Meta Data

– On the Forums, members older than 1 year are no longer flagged as developers.


Squidwolf WiFi

– Rejection of a connection now logs correctly in account information.


Squidwolf Main Site

– Home Page navigation links now share a single font.

– Many small typo errors have been fixed.

– Occasional graphics issues fixed.



– New file format for objects now result in faster loading and more efficient caching.

– General optimisation of display modules on Squidwolf Gaming Network. Scrolling is now much snappier.



– A few types of files which were erroneously flagged as malicious and removed from Servers on the network with Echoing Spectrum 1.5 have been restored, most notably Microsoft Word documents. Members who have been affected by this will have them re-added to their assets over the following few days.



Squidwolf WiFi

– Homepage messages are now hum-comprehensible.

– Websites requesting Geolocation information now correctly identify your location.


Network Bots

– Any attempt (by accident or otherwise) to access restricted areas will be immediately detected by security bots and offending device will be ejected from the network for a minimum of 24 hours.


Squidwolf Web Server

– Fixed an issue where delete requests weren’t properly carried out and resulted in ghost files.

– Standings for file manipulation is now correctly detected.


STARS and Warnings

– Person security status requests should now always be delivered on time.

– Security status gains from other members will now be awarded correctly.

– An issue has been fixed that stopped members from exchanging files on persistent Squidwolf IM chatrooms after they have been abandoned.



– Fixed an issue on Squidwolf Wii Channel which resulted in the “green screen of death”.

– Fixed an issue on Squidwolf Gaming Network which resulted in the current receiving a debug menu overlay.

– Resolved a defect where the current Squidwolf Gaming Network session would be rendered black if you tabbed out.


Squidwolf Minecraft

– An issue with the displayed messages when leaving or joining a chat channel with a new rank flag has been fixed.

– Text entered using a translator is no longer concealing previously typed text.

– The in-game log is no longer breaking.

– The inventory is now sorted correctly using the new organisation system.

– A display issuer with the player’s avatar in the inventory has been fixed.

– The Jukebox will no longer loop the first five seconds of each track continuously.

– An issue with the right click dragging would cause the “Minecraft spiral” effect, this no longer happens.

– It is no longer possible to mask an economy transaction with a fake amount using exotic characters.

– An issue with dragging and dropping items inside chests has been fixed.

– Added shift clicking support in furnaces

– Added method to easily acquire blocks you have selected in the world using the ‘pick block’ key.

– Made the Direct Connect dialog member

– Fixed issues detected with links in chat channels.

– Fixed wild ocelots behaving like tamed cats.

– Fixed various chat crashes

– Made cats less eager to sit on things

– Made cats less patient

– Fixed rendering failing under certain conditions.

– Fixed sound-off failing under certain conditions.

– Removed all ghost entities.

– Fixed issues with / commands.

– Fixed Redstone Bug with Powered Rails

– Fixed lag issues with Minecraft 1.3.1

– Fixed a Save Chunks issues.

– Fixed a bug which prevented Ender Chests animating.

– Fixed a bug which resulted in packet death.

– Fixed a bug which caused Pistons to not activate.

– Fixed a bug which caused PlayerQuitEvent to call later than expected.

– Fixed a bug which caused certain players to change modes to Hardcore resulting in death of the server….phew!



– The description of Devs now displays correctly in the Squidwolf Gaming Network German client.

– An issue which some games showing old versions in both the German and Russian clients on Squidwolf Gaming Network has been resolved.

– Exporing your profile to a new HazelPress installation in a localised client is now working, again.

– Various formatting issues have been resolved.


Squidwolf IM

– Join Chat Room entires are now correct.

– Previously visited Chat Rooms are no longer being added again when joining for another time.

– The colour of text in an MOTD no longer reverts to its default colour.



– 404 Cats are now active again.

– The Support, News, Account Management, and Patch Notes buttons on Squidwolf Wii channel have been removed.

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