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23rd May 2013 by WordPress

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Fixes, Changes, and Improvements


  • Map icons now display the correct skin avatar.
  • Moving between worlds no longer causes stuck conditions.
  • Inventory now properly displays content regardless of what world you are in.
  • The radius of your ‘signature’ has been increased to reflect the recent changes made to mobs in the Redstone Update.


  • The rank need for all enchanted weapons has been removed.
  • The rank need for Polaris weapons has been reduced to Field Marshall.

Individually-owned Faction Land

  • Faction owners now have full control over granting and revoking their faction territory.
  • Imported schematics no longer has special privileges.
  • Faction Moderators now have control over granting ownership of faction territory to everyone but faction admins.


  • You can now craft auto-enchanted items by purchasing the ability from Polaris Store.


  • We have removed the guide which appears when you login, finally.
  • Various chat channel bugs have been fixed.
  • SpoutCraft client no longer crashes when rendering exotic textures.
  • Teleporting out of the tutorial system no longer causes a permissions bug.
  • Added a reimbursement category in Petitions.

Squidwolf Megasite

We are completely redesigning Squidwolf Megasite from the ground-up to make a better experience for our members. You will be able to login using your Minecraft ID with our in-house developed MineAuth system as well as still being able to login with your SquidPassport credentials.

Please be aware that until our work is completed, your Minecraft account and your Squidpassport account will still exist as two separate accounts.

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