Transforming Experience 1.0.2

Patch Notes for Transforming Experience 1.0.2


– DragonTravel now flies from Pumpkin Mall to Squidwolf Mountain, and back.

– You can now purchase HazelCredits online at as well as Care Packs provided by Polaris.

Click Here to view the range of packages.


– Profiler has finally been removed, goodbye to annoying spying.

– LWC database has been moved from Squidwolf SQL to SQLite to make life easier for everyone.

– The annoying double prefix for what world you are currently in has been fixed.

– All Mobs now appear on the World Map.


– 5 new article links have been created on Squidwolf Insider.

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Hi, I'm Dom. I'm 25 years old and I live in Manchester where I make films, drink rum, and fly internet spaceships.


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