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29th August 2013 by Dominic Adamson

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Patch Notes for Transforming Experience 1.1

To be deployed on 30 August 2013 between 1800 – 1930 GMT (Scheduled Downtime).

Fixes, Changes and Improvements

The ‘Features’ Initiative

Changes are being made to the Squidwolf Universe as part of the Features Initiative. These changes are being made previous to or as a part of the Revelations 1.1 patch include:

    • Collects the following player information and stores it in a Squidwolf SQL database:
      • Name
      • Experience level
      • Experience gained
      • Health
      • Food level
      • Exhaustion
      • Saturation
      • Game mode
      • Under water
      • On fire
      • Server
      • World
      • Coordinates
      • Joins
      • First joined
      • Last joined
      • Quits
      • Last quit
      • Kicks
      • Last kick
      • session play time
      • Total play time
      • Online
      • PvP kills (and with what weapon)
      • Deaths
      • Mob kills (and with what weapon)
      • Blocks (placed and broken)
      • items (dropped, picked up crafted)
      • Contents of player inventory
      • Armor
      • Potion effects
    • Gates:
      • A new transport system based on Stargate franchise.
      • Dial gates via entering an ‘item address’.
      • Gates are created by the ‘Alterans’, a new race of people on Squidwolf Minecraft.
  • Collect Player and Mob heads to get money for bounty prizes at Bounty Offices:
    • Bounty Offices located at prominent locations.
    • 640 Sc for Mob Trophy.
    • 800 Sc for Character Trophy.
  • Squidwolf Hosting now has a new product called SquidStandard:
    • £10.00 a month
    • 250 GB storage.
    • 256 GB bandwidth.
    • 250 FTP accounts.
    • 100 Mailboxes.
    • 10 Sub-Domains.
    • 10 MySQL databases.
    • WordPress ready.
    • 1-click CMS Install.
    • 10-page SiteBuilder.
    • Technical Support.
    • 10,000 accounts available for sale.
    • 250 E-mail forwarding services.
  • Polaris Embassy now has the following services available:
    • Fly – 250 Hc.
    • 6 hours of Limited Creative – 400 Hc. (available with Transforming Experience 1.2)
    • 12 hours of Limited Creative – 800 Hc. (available with Transforming Experience 1.2)
    • 24 hours of Limited Creative – 1,200 Hc. (available with Transforming Experience 1.3)

Other Fixes, Changes and Improvements

  • The Nether
    • Nether portals have been fixed and are now active on the server.
    • All Nether portals regardless of what world they are built in go to The Nether.
    • There is no special permissions requirement or rank required to construct a Nether Portal.
    • Construct a Nether Portal using normal game mechanics.

    The End

    • During this expansion (Transforming Experience) The Ender Dragon was defeated thus closing The End to allow for the Enders to recover from this defeat.
    • The End will be back with the next expansion (Transforming Experience II) in November 2013.
    • End portals have been fixed but are not active on the server.
    • All End Portals regardless of what world they are built in to to The End.
    • There is no special permissions requirement or rank required to construct or active an End Portal.
    • Construct and/or active an End Portal using normal game mechanics.

    Chat Prefixes

    • Chat prefixes now update instantly upon a rank change.
    • Chat prefixes are now colours to allow for quicker recognition.
    • Chat prefix colours are assorted by Echelon.

    Mob Spawn Rates

    • We have dramatically lowered the Mob Spawn Rates to allow for less lag.

    War On Lag

    • Ground items are now periodically removed to cut on server resource usage.
    • Specific entities are de-spawned periodically to cut on server resource usage.
    • We have stopped auto-culling mobs due to conflicts with DragonTravel and Faction Mobs.


    • All players from Apprentice II and above can now create SignShops.
    • Sponge is now purchasable from Pumpkin Mall.
    • Carpets are now purchasable from Pumpkin Mall.
    • You can now exchange HazelCredit between players using commands.
    • Faction Economy has been completely removed. Faction power is now the only requirement for claiming land.
    • Sales now display as “1 x item” if only one unit of item is sold.

    New Player Experience

    • References to SpoutCraft have been completely removed from the tutorial.
    • Some tutorials have been changed and updated to reflect recent changes to the game.

    Character Sheet

    • All players who log on from deployment of Transforming Experience 1.1 will have a character sheet.

    Seamless Map

    • World size limits have been completely removed.

    SquidMail and Chat

    • SquidMail has been restored and can be used via the /mail commands.


    • Localization now relies on Vanilla translations.
    • Quitting the game while mounted no longer causes your character to fall into the void upon the next login.
    • Factions should now update correctly.
    • A number of typographical errors and descriptions throughout the game have been fixed.

    The following exploits were addressed in the Transforming Experience 1.1 Patch Deployment:

    • It is no longer possible to steal from a chest wearing “Transcendent” armor.
    • The game mechanic of teleporting to spawn has been completely disabled.
    • It is no longer possible to assume control of a ship that is already targeted by someone.
    • You can no longer steal from Faction Containers.
    • Ranking up when dying is no longer possible.

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