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4th September 2013 by Dominic Adamson

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Patch Notes for Transforming Experience 1.3 to be deployed on 6 September during extended downtime.

Please note that these are early patch notes and may be subject to change before or during patch deployment.

Fixes, Changes and Improvements

The ‘Empire’ Initiative

These changes are being made or as a part of the Transforming Experience 1.3 patch include:

  • Landing (Edge) Changes:
    • The following structures were removed:
      • All houses directly next to the spawn building.
      • The billboard.
      • Edge Market.
    • The following structures have been added:
      • SafeZone Assembly building (Landing)
      • Polaris Embassy (Landing)
      • Landing Indoor Market (Landing)
  • The following worlds have are being added to the game:
    • Dawn (eight symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address) [LIVE]
    • At (seven symbol Stargate address) (Address Discovered!) [LIVE]
    • Motion (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Obelisk (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Perspective (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Tao (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Rasa (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Shoot (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Feel (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Magic (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Zoo (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Rainbow (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Cruise (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Air (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Detect (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Time (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Home (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Heart (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Star (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Fruit (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Moon (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Rubicon (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • Notchlantis (seven symbol Stargate address) (Unknown Address)
    • The Nether is not accessible by a Stargate and can only be accessed via Nether Portal.
    • The End is not accessible by a Stargate and can only be accessed via End Portal.
  • The following Factions have been created:
    • Polaris Empire [Polaris] (Empire Faction).
    • SafeZone Assembly [SafeZone] (Independent Faction).
    • DragonTravel (Independent Faction).
    • Sirius (Independent Faction).
  • The following changes have been made to existing Factions:
    • SafeZone. No longer an Empire Faction, now classified as Independent Faction.
    • Shadow. No longer a Player Faction, now classified as Independent Faction.
    • Slothland. No longer a Player Faction, now classified as Independent Faction.
    • Indigo. No longer a Player Faction, now classified as Independent Faction.


Other Fixes, Changes and Improvements

  • Pumpkin Mall
    • The ‘Head Store’ has been removed in accordance with SafeZone Assembly laws.
    • Pumpkin Mall Cashier Services now allows for citizen credit withdrawals.

    Political Landscaping

    • The Squidwolf Railway Company has been surrendered to SafeZone Assembly. Has been renamed Edge Railways.
    • Level-Up City ‘WarZone’ has been dissolved; No longer has a territorial claim.
    • Polaris is now completely under the control of Polaris Empire [Polaris].
    • A new Faction has been founded by the DragonTravel company [DragonTravel]. Territorial claim made in Edge.
    • A new Faction has been founded [Sirius]. Territorial claim made in Sirius.
    • Indigo Faction has been forced to surrender all territorial claims made in Flight in accordance with SafeZone Assembly laws.
    • Polaris Empire has refused to give up their means of travel to Embryo.
    • The HazelScript service is now under the control of SafeZone Assembly and has been sanitised.
    • Creation of a new Faction now costs 1,000 Sc.
    • Faction territorial claims now cost 1.7 faction power.
    • Citizens will now lose 1.3 upon their death.
    • Citizens will now earn 0.7 faction power per hour, online.
    • Citizens will now earn 0.4 faction power per hour, offline.

    Polaris Embassy

    • A Polaris Embassy has been created in Landing (Edge).
    • A Polaris Embassy has been created in February City (February).
    • 24 hours of Limited Creative – 1,200 Hc. Now available.
    • Forbidden items in Limited Created are no longer accessible.

    Emerges Stargate Network

    • A Stargate address for Sirius has been discovered, classified by Polaris Empire.
    • A Stargate address for At has been discovered, made public by Polaris Empire.
    • These addresses are being discovered by the scientists of Polaris Empire as they learn the secrets of an Ancient Library buried deep beneath February City (February).
    • Addresses are composed of blocks, each address must consist of at least 7 blocks placed into the first seven fields of a ‘dialling chest’, next to a Stargate.
    • Some addresses can be 8 blocks or even 9 blocks in length. These are usually for worlds which are very far away.
    • Addresses are composed from 38 blocks which is expected to be made public by the Polaris Empire science department.


    • SafeZone Assembly has outlawed the creation of Nether Portals on core worlds.
    • SafeZone Assembly has outlawed the activation of End Portals on core worlds.
    • SafeZone Assembly has re-activated the End Portal in Squidwolf Mountain as a gesture of good faith towards the Ender Republic (The End).

    Crime & Punishment

    • SafeZone Assembly is now responsible for Bounty Prize payouts.
    • SafeZone Assembly has announced the holding of ‘Mob Hunt’ events on February as a method to increase travel to the world by making it safer for citizens. When these events are announced, citizens can take part in the hunts by typing /joinhunt and if enough citizens join the hunt, the event will begin.

    Exploration and Stargate worlds

    • Travel to recently declassified ‘Stargate’ worlds is only possible through a device known as a Stargate. These worlds have unique addresses which must be inputted into the the ‘dialling chest’ in order to establish a connection.
    • Such addresses are being discovered all the time by the Polaris Empire, Aqua State, Surface Federation, and Ender Republic; and will either be made public knowledge or kept secret.
    • It is possible to discover these addresses, which are composed of seven symbols (blocks), yourself via trial and error.
    • The only accessible Stargate on the core worlds is in Teal’c Mountain, Level-Up (Edge) and is currently under the control of Indigo. There is debate within the SafeZone Assembly to force the surrender of this installation and remove the territorial claim.

    Squidwolf Hosting

    • SquidElite the highest and most feature-rich hosting package is now available from Squidwolf Hosting.
    • SquidElite hosting package costs £20.00 a month.
    • SquidElite‘s features are unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, 500 FTP accounts, 500 mailboxes (400MB), unlimited sub-domains, 50 MySQL databases, WordPress ready, 1-click CMS install, 25/7 support, Dedicated Support Team Member, SiteBuilder (50 pages), Technical Support), 1,000 email forwarding services.
    • 1,000 SquidElite packages are available.

    Communications and Cartography

    • Chat Prefixes have been fixes and now work as intended. Echelons 1 and 2 only, more echelons will be added per patch.
    • Squidwolf Minecraft Online Map has been restored, areas of the maps will become available once users explore them again.
    • Squidwolf Minecraft Online Map now features HD textures and landmarks.
    • The in-game chat channel is visible on the Squidwolf Minecraft Online Map (read only).


    • fftw-3 3.3.3_3 installed.
    • fontconfig 2.10.95_0 installed.
    • gettext installed.
    • sqlite3 installed.

    Updating content…

    Squidwolf COLOSSUS

    • Player Stats for Squidwolf Minecraft database connection errors have been fixed.

    Edge Railways

    • Repairs have been made to the vandalised sections of the track between Pumpkin Mall and Fire Mountain.
    • A Minecart vendor has been constructed at Pumpkin Mall Railway Station.
    • Minecart buy service is now 30 Sc at all stations.
    • Minecart sell service is now 25 Sc at all stations.
    • There is no longer an ‘unlimited’ supply of Minecarts at all stations.


    • A new recreational use for the ‘red mushroom’ has been discovered, it has hallucinergenic effects.
    • SafeZone Assembly is expected to ban the sale, ownership, and use of this item.

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