Transforming Experience 2.2.2

5th February 2014 by Dominic Adamson

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Patch Notes for Revelations 2.2.2

30.01.2014 22:52

Need for Speed Initiative

  • More RAM upgrades for Edge have been ordered!

Squidwolf Voice Developer ALPHA

  • Applications for the Developer ALPHA of Squidwolf Voice have been processed.
  • TeamSpeak server is now active!

Launch of Squidwolf Voice has been postponed until Zero Rotation.

The following changes and fixes have been made:

  • Standard Tutorial now works correctly, finally!
  • First time tutorial participants will receive 500 Hc.
  • Tutorial equipment can now be purchased from the Academy.
  • The mission agent will no longer swear at you.
  • A bug which allowed for the same tutorial mission to be completed several times has been plugged.
  • The “No distance available” warning message will no longer display when entering a Polaris Portal.

These fixes have been postponed until the deployment of Zero Rotation.


  • The spacing in Economy controls has been fixed.
  • An error where a Unicode character in the username would prevent the display of mission details has been resolved.

Exploit Fixes

  • SafeZone Modified Equipment can no longer be replicated using Anvils.
  • We fixed an exploit in which deliberate latency caused by modified clients would allow for the use of some Moderator controls, this has been fixed and all players using this exploit have been permanently banned.

Transforming Experience 2.2.2-1 Server-side Changes deployed 27 January

  • Enhancements to GM tools.

Transforming Experience 2.2.2-2 Server-side Changes deployed 2 February

  • Enhancements to GM tools.

Transforming Experience 2.2.2-3 Server-side Changes to be deployed 4 February

  • Zero Rotation trailer uploaded to YouTube.

Transforming Experience 2.2.2-4 Server-side Changes to be deployed 9 February

  • Exploit fix: You can no longer deploy Iron Golems using Roses.
  • Exploit fix: DragonTravel dragons can no longer be controlled using normal mount mechanics.
  • Need for Speed: Improvements to RAM.

These fixes are to be made on schedule.

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