Zero Rotation 1.0.2

26th February 2014 by Dominic Adamson

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Fixes, Features, and Changes to Zero Rotation

Squidwolf Store

  • The website takes full advantage of the NIVO slider to deliver the latest deals and promotions to you on the homepage.
  • Featured Products are now showcased on the homepage in full view with basic information.
  • Links have been added to other areas of Squidwolf Syndicate.
  • Contact Us information including Address, Phone Number, Email, and Social Media links are visible from anywhere on the site.

Squidwolf Hosting – Website

  • Shared Hosting comparison table has been added to the members’ area.
  • VAT is now being added to all products & services provided by Squidwolf Hosting.
  • Links to other areas of Squidwolf Syndicate have been added to the main navigation bar.
  • Outstanding Balance is now clearly visible.
  • The last 5 announcements are clearly visible.
  • All Upcoming Domain Renewals are displayed.
  • All Due Invoices are displayed.
  • All Active Support Tickets are displayed.
  • The Client area has been redesigned with the following changes made:
    • Fast Tab: Information – Summary of all of your services.
    • Fast Tab: Quick Logins – Quickly login to any of your accounts.
    • Fast Tab: Open Support Tickets – Having problems? Let us know, fast.
    • Fast Tab: Due Invoices – Never get hit with late fees again, full list of all upcoming invoices.
    • Fast Tab: Attached Files – Quick access to all relevant downloads.
    • Information: Account Information.
    • Information: Account Statistics.
    • Information: Due Invoices Balance.
    • Information: Login Info.
    • Information: Account Credit Balance.
    • Check Availability of a New Domain.

Squidwolf Hosting – Social Media

  • All announcements are automatically published to Facebook.

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