Transforming Experience 2.3

10th February 2014 by Dominic Adamson

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Patch Notes for Transforming Experience 2.3

07.02.2014 18:22

Squidwolf Mail

We are sending notifications to all non-employees who are currently using the Squidwolf Mail service. This email service is now being closed to non-employees and users are being served with a 180-day notice to make arrangements to move away from their email address. We will be offering an alternative to users who wish to stay with us for their email, details will be announced with Zero Rotation 1.1 about this.

Other changes

  • Several ‘Need for Speed’ code optimizations have been added to our network.
  • The newly supported Linux and WebOS operating systems can now be specified when submitting  petitions.
  • Several unused or outdated Plugins have been removed from Squidwolf Minecraft.Important Note: If you are still using the unofficial Spoutcraft client you are advised to switch to the official Minecraft client as you will not be able to login to Squidwolf Minecraft with the deployment of Zero Rotation.Exploit Fix
    • A modification has been made to the way Faction Mobs are spawned. It was discovered that spawning mobs next to Monster Spawners caused them to be spawned from the nearby Monster Spawner resulting in unlimited free Faction Mobs.

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