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Daytime Evening Weekend
UK National Geographic (local/national) 12p* 6p 6p
UK National Non Geographic (03 Numbers) 12p* 6p* 6p

*A connection fee of 19p is applicable unless otherwise stated.

Daytime Evening Weekend
UK Mobile O2 19p* 14p 12p
UK Mobile Orange 19p* 14p* 12p
UK Mobile T-Mobile 19p* 14p* 12p
UK Mobile EE 19p* 14p* 12p
UK Mobile Vodafone 19p* 14p 12p
UK Mobile Hutchinson 3G 19p* 14p 12p
UK Mobile other 19p* 14p* 12p*
UK Mobile Opal 25p* 12p* 12p*

*A connection fee of 19p is applicable unless otherwise stated.

Daytime Evening Weekend
UK 084 12p* 12p* 12p*
UK 087 12p** 12p** 12p**
UK 09 25p** 12p** 6p**
UK 118 25p*** 12p*** 6p***


*A connection fee of 25p is applicable unless otherwise stated.

**A connection fee of 50p is applicable unless otherwise stated.

***A connection fee of £1 is applicable unless otherwise stated.

Daytime Evening Weekend
UK 0800 Free* Free* Free*
UK 0870 £1* £1* £1*

*A connection charge of 25p is applicable unless otherwise stated.

Daytime Evening Weekend
SC001 Free Free Free
SC002 1p 1p 1p
SC003 2p 2p 2p
SC004 3p 3p 3p
SC005 4p 4p 4p
SC006 5p 5p 5p
SC007 6p 6p 6p
SC008 7p 7p 7p
SC009 8p 8p 8p
SC010 9p 9p 9p
SC011 10p 10p 10p
SC012 11p 11p 11p
SC013 12p 12p 12p
SC014 13p 13p 13p
SC015 15p 15p 15p
SC016 20p 20p 20p
SC017 25p 25p 25p
SC018 30p 30p 30p
SC019 35p 35p 35p
SC020 36p 36p 36p
SC021 40p 40p 40p
SC022 45p 45p 45p
SC023 46p 46p 46p
SC024 50p 50p 50p
SC025 55p 55p 55p
SC026 60p 60p 60p
SC027 65p 65p 65p
SC028 70p 70p 70p
SC029 75p 75p 75p
SC030 80p 80p 80p
SC031 90p 90p 90p
SC032 95p 95p 95p
SC033 99p 99p 99p
SC034 £1 £1 £1
SC035 £1.10 £1.10 £1.10
SC036 £1.20 £1.20 £1.20
SC037 £1.45 £1.45 £1.45
SC038 £1.50 £1.50 £1.50
SC039 £1.55 £1.55 £1.55
SC040 £1.80 £1.80 £1.80
SC041 £2.00 £2.00 £2.00
SC042 £2.20 £2.20 £2.20
SC043 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50
SC044 £3.00 £3.00 £3.00
SC045 £3.60 £3.60 £3.60
SC046 5p 5p 5p
SC047 10p 10p 10p
SC048 15p 15p 15p
SC049 25p 25p 25p
SC050 30p 30p 30p
SC051 35p 35p 35p
SC052 40p 40p 40p
SC053 48p 48p 48p
SC054 50p 50p 50p
SC055 70p 70p 70p
SC056 75p 75p 75p
SC057 £1 £1 £1
SC058 £1.45 £1.45 £1.45
SC059 £1.50 £1.50 £1.50
SC060 £2.00 £2.00 £2.00
SC061 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50
SC062 £3.00 £3.00 £3.00
SC063 £4.00 £4.00 £4.00
SC064 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00
SC065 £6.00 £6.00 £6.00
SC066 £1.55 £1.55 £1.55
SC067 80p 80p 80p
SC068 £3.99 £3.99 £3.99
SC069 £4.99 £4.99 £4.99
SC070 £5.50 £5.50 £5.50
SC071 £5.74 £5.74 £5.74
SC072 £6.98 £6.98 £6.98
SC073 £2.50 £2.50 £2.50
SC074 5p 5p 5p
SC075 10p 10p 10p
SC076 40p 40p 40p
SC077 70p 70p 70p
SC078 £1.50 £1.50 £1.50
SC079 £2.00 £2.00 £2.00
SC080 £4.45 £4.45 £4.45
Daytime Evening Weekend
Afghanistan £1.68 50p 40p
Afghanistan (Mobile) £2.03 66p 50p
Albania £1.05 20p 18p
Albania (Mobile) £1.39 43p 20p
Algeria £1.05 31p 30p
Algeria (Mobile) £1.39 56p 30p
Andorra 59p 20p 9p
Andorra (Mobile) 92 34p 20p
Angola £1.68 30p 18p
Angola (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Anguilla £1.05 31p 30p
Anguilla (Mobile) £1.39 56p 30p
Antarctica £1.68 £1.00 61p
Antigua & Barbuda £1.22 30p 18p
Antigua & Barbuda (Mobile) £1.57 43p 30p
Antilles £1.68 31p 30p
Antilles (Mobile) £2.03 56p 30p
Argentina £1.68 10p 6p
Argentina (Mobile) £2.03 30p 10p
Armenia £1.68 30p 24p
Armenia (Mobile) £2.03 50p 30p
Aruba £1.68 30p 18p
Aruba (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Ascension Island £1.68 £1.00 61p
Australia 44p 10p 3p
Australia (Mobile) 81p 30p 10p
Austria 59p 10p 3p
Austria (Mobile) 92p 30p 10p
Azerbaijan Republic £1.22 40p 24p
Azerbaijan Republic (Mobile) £1.57 50p 40p
Bahamas £1.22 10p 9p
Bahamas (Mobile) £1.57 34p 10p
Bahrain £1.68 30p 10p
Bahrain (Mobile) £2.03 56p 10p
Bangladesh £1.22 10p 6p
Bangladesh (Mobile) £1.57 11p 10p
Barbados £1.22 30p 9p
Barbados (Mobile) £1.57 34p 10p
Belarus £1.22 50p 30p
Belarus (Mobile) £1.57 56p 50p
Belgium 51p 10p 3p
Belgium (Mobile) 87p 30p 10p
Belize £1.68 50p 30p
Belize (Mobile) £2.03 56p 50p
Benin £1.68 40p 30p
Benin (Mobile) £2.03 40p 56p
Bermuda £1.22 10p 9p
Bermuda (Mobile) £1.57 34p 10p
Bhutan £1.68 31p 30p
Bhutan (Mobile) £2.03 56p 30p
Bolivia £1.68 31p 30p
Bolivia (Mobile) £2.03 56p 30p
Bosnia-Herzegovina £1.22 30p 18p
Bosnia-Herzegovina (Mobile) £1.57 43p 30p
Botswana £1.68 30p 18p
Botswana (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Brazil £1.68 10p 6p
Brazil (Mobile) £2.03 30p 10p
Brunei £1.68 18p 10p
Brunei (Mobile) £2.03 43p 10p
Bulgaria £1.05 30p 9p
Bulgaria (Mobile) £1.39 34p 30p
Burkina Faso £1.68 40p 30p
Burkina Faso (Mobile) £2.03 56p 40p
Burundi £1.68 31p 30p
Burundi (Mobile) £2.03 56p 30p
Cambodia £1.68 61p 20p
Cambodia (Mobile) £2.03 86p 20p
Cameroon £1.68 40p 18p
Cameroon (Mobile) £2.03 43p 40p
Canada 30p 20p 3p
Cape Verde £1.68 50p 40p
Cape Verde (Mobile) £2.03 66p 50p
Cayman Islands £1.22 20p 18p
Cayman Islands (Mobile) £1.57 43p 20p
Central African Republic £1.68 £1.00 40p
Central African Republic (Mobile) £2.03 £1.00 66p
Chad £1.68 41p 40p
Chad (Mobile) £2.03 66p 40p
Chile £1.68 10p 6p
Chile (Mobile) £2.03 30p 10p
China £1.68 10p 3p
China (Mobile) £2.03 30p 10p
Christmas Islands £1.51 £1.00 3p
Cocos Islands £1.51 £1.00 3p
Colombia £1.68 18p 10p
Colombia (Mobile) £2.03 43p 10p
Comoros Islands £1.68 70p 61p
Comoros Islands (Mobile) £2.03 86p 70p
Congo £1.68 80p 30p
Congo (DR) £2.03 70p 40p
Congo (DR) (Mobile) £2.31 70p 66p
Congo (Mobile) £2.67 80p 56p
Cook Islands £1.68 £1.00 81p
Cook Islands (Mobile) £2.03 £1.07 £1.00
Costa Rica £1.68 18p 10p
Costa Rica (Mobile) £2.03 43p 10p

Côte d’Ivoire

£1.51 50p 30p
Côte d’Ivoire (Mobile) £1.85 56p 50p
Croatia £1.22 20p 3p
Croatia (Mobile) £1.57 30p 20p
Cuba £1.68 £1.02 £1.00
Cuba (Mobile) £2.03 £1.27 £1.00
Cyprus 59p 10p 3p
Cyprus (mobile) 92p 30p 10p
Czech Republic 59p 10p 3p
Czech Republic (Mobile) 92p 30p 10p
Denmark 59p 20p 3p
Denmark (Mobile) 92p 30p 20p
Diego Garcia £1.68 £1.02 £1.00
Diego Garcia (Mobile) £2.14 £1.27 £1.00
Djibouti £1.68 80p 40p
Djibouti (Mobile) £2.03 80p 66p
Dominica £1.22 30p 18p
Dominica (Mobile) £1.57 43p 30p
Dominican Republic £1.22 18p 10p
Dominican Republic (Mobile) £1.57 43p 10p
East Timor £1.68 £1.02 £1.00
East Timor (Mobile) £2.03 £1.27 £1.00
Ecuador £1.68 31p 30p
Ecuador (Mobile) £2.03 56p 30p
Egypt £1.68 20p 18p
Egypt (Mobile) £2.03 43p 20p
El Salvador £1.68 50p 30p
El Salvador (Mobile) £2.03 56p 50p
Equatorial Guinea £1.68 50p 40p
Equatorial Guinea (Mobile) £2.03 66p 50p
Eritrea £1.68 50p 40p
Eritrea (Mobile) £2.03 66p 50p
Estonia £1.22 30p 6p
Estonia (Mobile) £1.57 31p 30p
Ethiopia £1.68 50p 30p
Ethiopia (Mobile) £2.03 56p 50p
Falkland Islands £1.68 £1.00 61p
Faroe Islands 59p 31p 30p
Faroe Islands (Mobile) 92p 56p 30p
Fiji £1.68 41p 40p
Fiji (Mobile) £2.03 66p 40p
Finland 59p 20p 6p
Finland (Mobile) 92p 30p 20p
France 51p 10p 3p
France (Mobile) 87p 30p 10p
French Guiana £1.68 30p 20p
French Guiana (Mobile) £2.03 56p 20p
French Polynesia £1.68 50p 40p
French Polynesia (Mobile) £2.03 66p 50p
Gabon £1.68 80p 30p
Gabon (Mobile) £2.03 80p 56p
Gambia £1.68 80p 30p
Gambia (Mobile) £2.03 80p 56p
Georgia £1.68 20p 18p
Georgia (Mobile) £2.03 43p 20p
Germany 51p 10p 3p
Germany (Mobile) 87p 30p 10p
Ghana £1.68 20p 9p
Ghana (Mobile) £2.03 34p 20p
Gibraltar 59p 20p 6p
Gibraltar (Mobile) 92p 30p 20p
Greece 44p 10p 3p
Greece (Mobile) 81p 30p 10p
Greenland £1.68 £1.00 61p
Greenland (Mobile) £2.03 £1.00 86p
Grenada £1.39 30p 18p
Grenada (Mobile) £1.68 43p 30p
Guadeloupe £1.68 30p 18p
Guadeloupe (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Guam £1.68 30p 10p
Guam (Mobile) £2.03 56p 10p
Guatemala £1.68 30p 20p
Guatemala (Mobile) £2.03 56p 20p
Guinea £1.68 90p 30p
Guinea (Mobile) £2.03 90p 56p
Guinea-Bissau £1.68 £1.00 81p
Guinea-Bissau (Mobile) £2.03 £1.07 £1.00
Guyana £1.68 50p 40p
Guyana (Mobile) £2.03 66p 50p
Haiti £1.68 50p 30p
Haiti (Mobile) £2.03 56p 50p
Honduras £1.68 40p 30p
Honduras (Mobile) £2.03 56p 40p
Hong Kong 92p 10p 3p
Hong Kong (Mobile) £1.27 28p 10p
Hungary 59p 10p 3p
Hungary (Mobile) 92p 30p 10p
Iceland £1.22 20p 6p
Iceland (Mobile) £1.57 30p 20p
India £1.05 10p 6p
India (Mobile) £1.39 11p 10p
Indonesia £1.68 20p 18p
Indonesia (Mobile) £2.03 43p 20p
International Freephone Free Free Free
International PRS £3.89 £2.94 £2.94
Iran £1.68 20p 9p
Iran (Mobile) £2.03 34p 20p
Iraq £1.68 20p 18p
Iraq (Mobile) £2.14 43p 20p
Ireland 30p 10p 3p
Ireland (Mobile) 64p 30p 10p
Israel £1.22 10p 3p
Israel (Mobile) £1.57 30p 10p
Italy 51p 10p 3p
Italy (Mobile) 87p 30p 10p
Jamaica £1.22 30p 6p
Jamaica (Mobile) £1.57 31p 30p
Japan £1.05 10p 3p
Japan (Mobile) £1.39 30p 10p
Jordan £1.68 18p 10p
Jordan £2.03 43p 10p
Kazakhstan £1.22 30p 20p
Kazakhstan (Mobile) £1.57 56p 20p
Kenya £1.68 30p 18p
Kenya (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Kiribati £1.68 £1.00 81p
Kiribati (Mobile) £2.03 £1.07 £1.00
Korea (North) £2.31 81p 80p
Korea (South) £2.67 10p 6p
Korea (South) (Mobile) £3.02 30p 10p
Kuwait £1.68 30p 18p
Kuwait (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Kyrgyzstan £1.22 31p 30p
Kyrgyzstan (Mobile) £1.57 56p 30p
Laos PDR £1.68 40p 20p
Laos PDR (Mobile) £2.03 66p 20p
Latvia £1.05 20p 6p
Latvia (Mobile) £1.39 30p 20p
Lebanon £1.68 30p 18p
Lebanon (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Lesotho £1.68 40p 30p
Lesotho (Mobile) £2.03 56p 40p
Liberia £1.68 60p 30p
Liberia (Mobile) £2.03 60p 56p
Libya £1.05 60p 30p
Libya (Mobile) £1.39 60p 56p
Liechtenstein 59p 30p 9p
Liechtenstein (Mobile) 92p 34p 30p
Lithuania £1.22 20p 6p
Lithuania (Mobile) £1.57 30p 20p
Luxembourg 59p 10p 3p
Luxembourg 92p 30p 10p
Macao £1.68 24p 10p
Macao (Mobile) £2.03 50p 10p
Macedonia £1.05 20p 18p
Macedonia (Mobile) £1.39 43p 20p
Madagascar £1.68 60p 30p
Madagascar (Mobile) £2.03 60p 56p
Malawi £1.68 30p 18p
Malawi (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Malaysia £1.05 10p 6p
Malaysia £1.39 30p 10p
Maldives £1.68 £1.00 40p
Maldives (Mobile) £2.03 £1.00 66p
Mali £1.68 50p 40p
Mali (Mobile) £2.03 66p 50p
Malta 59p 20p 9p
Malta (Mobile) 92p 34p 20p
Marshall Islands £1.68 41p 40p
Marshall Islands (Mobile) £2.14 66p 40p
Martinique £1.68 20p 18p
Martinique (Mobile) £2.03 43p 20p
Mauritania £1.68 40p 30p
Mauritania (Mobile) £2.03 56p 40p
Mauritius £1.68 30p 20p
Mauritius (Mobile) £2.03 56p 20p
Mayotte £1.68 £1.00 30p
Mayotte (Mobile) £2.03 £1.00 56p
Mexico £1.68 20p 9p
Mexico (Mobile) £2.03 34p 20p
Micronesia £1.68 40p 30p
Moldova £1.68 30p 18p
Moldova (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Monaco 59p 20p 6p
Monaco (Mobile) 92p 30p 20p
Mongolia £1.68 40p 20p
Mongolia (Mobile) £2.03 66p 20p
Montenegro £1.05 60p 18p
Montenegro (Mobile) £1.39 60p 43p
Montserrat £1.22 31p 30p
Montserrat (Mobile) £1.57 56p 30p
Morocco £1.05 20p 18p
Morocco (Mobile) £1.39 43p 20p
Mozambique £1.68 24p 20p
Mozambique (Mobile) £2.03 50p 20p
Myanmar (Burma) £2.31 60p 40p
Myanmar (Burma) (Mobile) £2.67 66p 60p
N. Marinanas Is. £1.68 61p 10p
N. Marinanas Is. (Mobile) £2.03 86p 10p
Namibia £1.68 20p 18p
Namibia (Mobile) £2.03 43p 20p
Nauru £1.68 £1.02 £1.00
Nauru (Mobile) £2.03 £1.27 £1.00
Nepal £1.68 61p 30p
Nepal (Mobile) £2.03 86p 30p
Netherlands 44p 10p 3p
Netherlands (Mobile) 81p 30p 10p
New Caledonia £1.68 50p 40p
New Caledonia (Mobile) £2.03 66p 50p
New Zealand 59p 20p 3p
New Zealand (Mobile) 92p 30p 20p
Nicaragua £1.68 31p 30p
Nicaragua (Mobile) £2.03 56p 30p
Niger £1.68 30p 18p
Niger (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Nigeria £1.68 20p 9p
Nigeria (Mobile) £2.03 34p 20p
Niue Islands £1.68 £1.00 81p
Niue Islands (Mobile) £2.03 £1.07 £1.00
Norfolk Islands £1.68 £1.02 £1.00
Norfolk Islands (Mobile) £2.03 £1.27 £1.00
Norway 59p 20p 3p
Norway (Mobile) 92p 30p 20p
Oman £1.68 31p 30p
Oman (Mobile) £2.03 56p 30p
Pakistan £1.05 20p 6p
Pakistan (Mobile) £1.39 20p 10p
Palau £1.68 61p 60p
Palestine 92p 40p 18p
Palestine (Mobile) £1.27 43p 40p
Panama £1.68 20p 18p
Panama (Mobile) £2.03 43p 20p
Papa New Guinea £1.68 81p 80p
Papa New Guinea (Mobile) Free Free Free
Paraguay £1.68 24p 20p
Paraguay (Mobile) £2.03 50p 20p
Peru £1.68 40p 10p
Peru (Mobile) £2.03 66p 10p
Phillipines £1.68 30p 9p
Phillipines (Mobile) £2.03 34p 30p
Poland 59p 10p 3p
Poland (Mobile) 8p 8p 8p
Portugal 59p 10p 3p
Portugal (Mobile) 92p 30p 10p
Puerto Rico £1.22 1p 6p
Qatar £2.03 50p 40p
Qatar (Mobile) £2.03 50p 40p
Reunion £1.68 29p 18p
Reunion (Mobile) £2.03 43p 20p
Romania £1.22 10p 6p
Romania (Mobile) £1.57 30p 10p
Russia £1.22 10p 6p
Russia (Mobile) £1.57 30p 10p
Rwandese Republic £1.68 30p 24p
Rwandese Republic (Mobile) £2.03 50p 30p
Samoa (US) £2.31 30p 10p
Samoa (US) (Mobile) £2.67 56p 10p
Samoa (Western) £3.02 50p 40p
Samoa (Western) (Mobile) £3.37 66p 50p
San Marino £1.00 59p 3p
San Marino (Mobile) £1.00 92p 28p
Sao Tome & Principe £1.68 £1.02 £1.00
Sao Tome & Principe (Mobile) £2.03 £1.27 £1.00
Saudi Arabia £1.68 20p 18p
Saudi Arabia (Mobile) £2.03 43p 20p
Senegal £1.68 40p 30p
Senegal (Mobile) £2.03 56p 40p
Serbia £1.05 30p 18p
Serbia (Mobile) £1.39 43p 30p
Seychelles £1.68 £1.00 18p
Seychelles (Mobile) £2.03 £1.00 43p
Sierra Leone £1.68 80p 24p
Sierra Leone (Mobile) £2.03 80p 50p
Singapore 92p 10p 3p
Singapore (Mobile) £1.27 30p 10p
Sint Maarten £1.68 40p 30p
Sint Maarten (Mobile) £2.03 £1.00 43p
Slovakia 75p 20p 3p
Slovakia (Mobile) £1.10 30p 20p
Slovenia £1.05 20p 3p
Slovenia (Mobile) £1.39 30p 20p
Solomon Islands £1.68 £1.02 £1.00
Solomon Islands (Mobile) £2.03 £1.27 £1.00
Somalia £1.68 £1.00 61p
Somalia (Mobile) £2.03 £1.00 86p
South Africa £1.05 20p 3p
South Africa (Mobile) £1.39 30p 20p
South Sudan £1.68 40p 24p
South Sudan (Mobile) £2.03 50p 40p
Spain 59p 10p 3p
Spain (Mobile) 92p 30p 10p
Sri Lanka £1.51 30p 18p
Sri Lanka (Mobile) £1.85 43p 30p
St Helena £1.68 £1.02 £1.00
St Kitts & Nevis £1.22 30p 18p
St Kitts & Nevis (Mobile) £1.57 43p 30p
St Lucia £1.22 30p 9p
St Lucia (Mobile) £1.57 34p 30p
St Pierre & Miquelon N/A N/A N/A
St Pierre & Miquelon (Mobile) £1.57 £1.00 56p
St Vincent & Grenadines £1.22 30p 18p
St Vincent & Grenadines (Mobile) £1.57 43p 30p
Sudan £1.68 40p 24p
Sudan (Mobile) £2.03 50p 40p
Suriname £1.68 41p 40p
Suriname (Mobile) £2.03 66p 40p
Swaziland £1.68 20p 18p
Swaziland (Mobile) £2.03 43p 20p
Sweden 59p 10p 3p
Sweden (Mobile) 92p 30p 10p
Switzerland 59p 20p 3p
Switzerland (Mobile) 92p 30p 20p
Syria £1.68 61p 30p
Syria (Mobile) £2.03 86p 30p
Taiwan £1.68 10p 6p
Taiwan (Mobile) £2.03 30p 10p
Tajikistan £1.39 30p 24p
Tajikistan (Mobile) £1.68 50p 30p
Tanzania £1.68 40p 18p
Tanzania (Mobile) £2.03 43p 40p
Thailand £1.68 10p 6p
Thailand (Mobile) £2.03 30p 10p
Togolese Republic £1.68 80p 30p
Togolese Republic (Mobile) £2.03 80p 56p
Tokelau £1.68 £1.00 81p
Tokelau (Mobile) £2.03 £1.07 £1.00
Tonga £1.68 80p 40p
Tonga (Mobile) £2.03 80p 66p
Trinidad & Tobago £1.22 10p 6p
Trinidad & Tobago (Mobile) £1.57 30p 10p
Tunisia £1.22 60p 18p
Tunisia (Mobile) £1.57 60p 43p
Turkey £1.05 10p 8p
Turkey (Mobile) £1.39 33p 10p
Turkmenistan £1.39 24p 20p
Turkmenistan (Mobile) £1.68 50p 20p
Turks & Caicos Islands £1.22 30p 18p
Turks & Caicos Islands (Mobile) £1.57 43p 30p
Tuvalu £1.68 £1.00 61p
Tuvalu (Mobile) £2.03 £1.00 86p
Uganda £1.68 30p 18p
Uganda (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Ukraine £1.22 20p 18p
Ukraine (Mobile) £1.57 43p 20p
United Arab Emirates £1.68 30p 18p
United Arab Emirates (Mobile) £2.03 43p 30p
Uruguay £1.68 20p 18p
Uruguay (Mobile) £2.03 43p 20p
USA 30p 10p 3p
USA Alaska 30p 24p 12p
USA Hawaii 30p 24p 12p
Uzbekistan £1.22 20p 18p
Uzbekistan (Mobile) £1.57 43p 20p
Vanuatu £1.68 81p 70p
Vanuatu (Mobile) £2.03 £1.07 70p
Vatican City State 59p 10p 3p
Venezuela £1.68 10p 9p
Venezuela (Mobile) £2.03 34p 10p
Vietnam £1.68 61p 10p
Vietnam (Mobile) £2.03 86p 10p
British Virgin Islands £2.31 31p 30p
British Virgin Islands (Mobile) £2.67 56p 30p
Virgin Islands (US) £3.02 10p 9p
Virgin Islands (US) (Mobile) £3.37 34p 10p
Wallis & Futuna £1.68 £1.02 £1.00
Yemen (AR & PDR) £2.03 41p 40p
Yemen (AR & PDR) (Mobile) £2.31 66p 40p
Zambia £1.68 20p 3p
Zambia (Mobile) £2.03 30p 20p
Zimbabwe £1.68 30p 9p
Zimbabwe (Mobile) £2.03 34p 30p
Satellite Phones £3.65 £3.65 £3.65

*A connection charge of 25p is applicable unless otherwise stated.


Connection Fee Daytime Evening
FF0 10p Free Free
FF1 25p Free Free
FF2 51p Free Free
FF3 26p Free Free
FF6 30p Free Free
FF8 18p Free Free
FF9 43p Free Free
FF10 26p Free Free
FF11 61p Free Free
FF12 76p Free Free
FF13 £1.02 Free Free
FF14 91p Free Free
FF15 8p Free Free
FF16 15p Free Free
FF17 20p Free Free
FF18 40p Free Free
FF19 40p Free Free
FF20 45p Free Free
FF21 £1.53 Free Free
FF22 N/A N/A N/A
FF23 N/A N/A N/A
FF24 81p Free Free
FF25 £1.22 Free Free
FF26 £1.27 Free Free
FF27 £1.32 Free Free
FF28 10p Free Free
FF29 5p Free Free
FF30 266p Free Free
FF31 15p Free Free
FF32 86p Free Free
FF33 33p Free Free
FF34 £1.02 Free Free
FF35 £1.53 Free Free
FF36 50p Free Free
FF37 60p Free Free
FF38 70p Free Free
FF39 £1.10 Free Free
FF40 £1.30 Free Free
FF41 £1.40 Free Free
FF42 40p Free Free
FF43 30p Free Free
FF44 80p Free Free
Connection Fee Daytime Evening
FM1 19p 19p 14p
FM2 19p 19p 14p
FM3 19p 19p 14p
FM4 19p 19p 14p
FM5 19p 19p 14p
FM6 19p 19p 14p
FM7 19p 19p 14p
FM8 19p 19p 14p
FREE Free Free Free
FM10 19p 19p 14p
FM11 19p 19p 14p
FM12 19p 19p 14p
FM13 19p 19p 14p
FM14 19p 19p 14p
FM15 19p 19p 14p
FM16 19p 19p 14p
FM17 19p 19p 14p
FW1 19p 15p 15p
FW2 19p 14p 11p
FW3 19p 15p 12p
FW4 19p 15p 9p
FW5 19p 14p 11p
FW6 19p 13p 10p
FW7 19p 12p 12p
FW8 19p 18p 14p
FW9 19p 16p 16p
I1 19p 8p 8p
I2 19p 10p 10p
I3 19p 5p 5p
I4 19p 4p 4p
I5 19p 5p 5p
I6 N/A N/A N/A
I7 N/A N/A N/A
I8 19p 8p 8p
I9 19p 6p 6p
IM1 £2.08 £3.65 £3.65
IM2 £2.08 £3.65 £3.65
IM5 £2.08 £3.65 £3.65
IM6 £2.08 £3.65 £3.65
IM7 £2.08 £3.65 £3.65
IN 11p 3p 3p
INF1 19p 15p 15p
MB1 19p 30p 20p
MM1 15p 5p 5p
MM2 25p 5p 5p
MM3 51p 4p 1p
MM4 15p 4p 1p
MM5 20p 4p 1p
MM6 25p 4p 4p
MM7 25p 5p 2p
MS1 19p 13p 7p
N3 19p 10p 10p
P0 19p £1.53 £1.53
P1 19p 56p 46p
P2 19p 56p 51p
P3 19p £1.27 £1.27
P4 19p 56p 56p
P5 19p 56p 56p
P6 19p 30p 30p
P7 19p 76p 76p
P8 19p 81p 81p
P9 19p 15p 15p
P10 19p 51p 51p
P11 19p £1.37 £1.37
P12 19p 25p 25p
P13 19p 25p 25p
P14 19p 35p 35p
P15 19p 46p 46p
P16 19p 51p 51p
P17 19p 61p 61p
P18 19p 71p 71p
P19 19p 76p 76p
P20 19p 86p 86p
P21 19p 92p 92p
P22 19p 97p 97p
P23 19p £1.02 £1.02
P24 19p £1.17 £1.17
P25 19p £1.27 £1.27
P26 19p £1.48 £1.48
P27 19p 10p 10p
P28 19p 43p 30p
P29 19p 33p 19p
P30 19p 61p 40p
P31 19p 19p 19p
P32 19p 23p 23p
P33 19p £1.32 £1.32
P34 61p 61p 61p
P35 50p 51p 51p
P36 45p 45p 45p
P37 19p 13p 9p
P38 19p 11p 11p
P39 19p 12p 12p
P40 19p 13p 13p
P41 19p 14p 14p
P42 10p 10p 10p
P43 £1.53 £1.53 £1.53
P44 £1.02 £1.02 £1.02
P45 19p 35p 35p
P46 19p 50p 50p
P47 19p 60p 60p
P48 19p 70p 70p
P49 19p £1.00 £1.00
P50 19p £1.10 £1.10
P51 19p £1.30 £1.30
P52 19p £1.40 £1.40
P53 19p £1.50 £1.50
P54 35p 35p 35p
P55 50p 50p 50p
P56 60p 60p 60p
P57 70p 70p 70p
P58 £1.00 £1.00 £1.00
P59 £1.10 £1.10 £1.10
P60 £1.30 £1.30 £1.30
P61 £1.40 £1.40 £1.40
P62 £1.50 £1.50 £1.50
PG1 19p 6p 2p
PG2 19p 9p 7p
PG3 12p 4p 1p
PG4 19p 6p 5p
PG5 19p 5p 4p
PG6 19p 12p 12p
PG7 19p 14p 14p
PG8 19p 5p 5p
PG9 19p 6p 6p
PG10 19p 7p 7p
PG11 19p 8p 8p
PG12 19p 9p 9p
PG13 19p 10p 10p
PG14 19p 10p 10p
PG15 19p 10p 10p
PG16 19p 7p 7p
PG17 19p 7p 6p
PG18 19p 8p 5p
PG19 19p 8p 5p
PG20 19p 9p 7p
PG21 19p 5p 2p
PG22 19p 4p 4p
PG23 19p 8p 4p
PG24 5p 5p 5p
PG25 10p 10p 10p
PG26 19p 4p 3p
PG27 19p 5p 5p
PG28 19p 6p 6p
PN1 19p 24p 16p
PN2 19p 51p 51p
PN3 19p 50p 39p
PN4 19p 26p 26p
PN5 19p 17p 17p
PN6 19p 20p 20p
PN7 51p 4p 1p
PN8 19p 20p 20p
PN9 19p 24p 24p
PN10 19p 38p 35p
PN11 19p 50p 39p
PN12 19p 27p 27p
PN13 19p 39p 39p
PN14 19p 38p 30p
PN15 19p 13p 13p
PN16 19p 14p 14p
PN17 19p 15p 15p
PN18 19p 16p 16p
PN19 19p 10p 10p
PN20 19p 24p 24p
PN21 19p 40p 40p
PN22 19p 10p 6p
PNS0 19p 5p 5p
PNS1 19p 17p 10p
PNS2 19p 32p 22p
PNS3 19p 38p 25p
PNS4 19p 41p 28p
Speaking Clock 50p Free Free
UKL 11p 10p 10p
UKN 11p 10p 10p
UKR 19p 8p 4p