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We’ve probably got the answers to most of your questions right here. Take a look at our FAQ or click on one of the other tabs if you still need help.

Top Questions

Does it cost money to change my plan?

Here’s the deal: You got a discount off the price of your router based on the plan level (Basic, Standard, Advance, Elite) that you committed to when you hooked up or upgraded.

That means, if you want to switch from a higher plan level to a lower one (say Advance to Standard) then there might be a Plan Level Change Fee.

The fee would be to make up for the difference between the original discount you got on your phone and the discount you would be able to get at the new plan level you want to move to.

Learn more about changing plans

I only signed up to broadband, can I add phone?

Absolutely! Just have a browse at our different plans and when you’re ready, Get In Touch.

How can I update my Squad numbers?

You can change your Squad List once a month for free!

Just head on over to Customer Support to get started.

I’m going over my usage limit? What can I do?

We have tools to help you track your usage, so you can see if and when you’re about to go over your limit. If you’re going over a lot,  you may want to switch to a different plan to give yourself the room you need.

What is a credit limit?

A credit limit is a pre-set spending limit for your services that’s applied to your account. It’s decided and agreed on at your first credit check when you hooked up with us.

I’ve damaged the equipment, what now?

The first thing to do is don’t panic. We all make mistakes and we know you didn’t mean to damage it. The first thing you should do is unplug the device immediately from the electrical outlet. The equipment is replaceable but you are not!

Next, go & make yourself a cup of tea and when you’re ready; head on over to Customer Support.

We promise we don’t be mad and don’t forget that your equipment is already covered by your security deposit.

How does the security deposit work?

Your Credit Limit will be lifted and security deposit returned after 6 months of on-time payments in a row.

The security deposit is usually added back to your account as a credit. If you want to get a cheque for it, then wait to get a text message from us saying that your Credit Limits has been taken off and then give Customer Support a shout to ask for a cheque. Before the cheque is sent out, the deposit will be used to pay any balance owing on your account. Also make sure we have the most up-to-date address for you since that’s where we’ll be mailing the cheque to!

I spotted a problem on my bill

Don’t panic! Even sometimes we make mistakes. Head on over to Customer Support to tell us what is going wrong.

My billing period has passed, where is my invoice?

We need a couple of days to pull all of the details together and process your monthly bill. Generally, you’ll get your bill in about 9 business days. After that you can see it online. Once it’s posted online you still have 21 days to pay it, so there’s lots of time to make sure you get that payment in without any late payment fees.

I’ve made a payment, why can’t I see it in my account?

Payments through your bank can take a bit longer and your bank is the one responsible for processing them. We should get the payment in about 3 to 10 business days. Hang tight!

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