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Bryony isn’t here at Christmas and since the office is closed from the 19th I’m taking part in the good old sport of being on Omegle, not in that way.¬†Weirdly though, I’ve actually met some nice people on there.

What else do I spend the holidays doing? Well the Annual N00b Harvest, of course! Since this is the first Christmas with me owning a delicious copy of Grand Theft Auto V I shall be directing my efforts towards that game. In previous years I would spend N00b Harvest on Halo 3, then to Halo: Reach but sadly all the people I used to play Halo with aren’t on Xbox LIVE much these days. I am also guilty of this.

Although I miss having Bryony here for Christmas it does allow me time to have a catch-up with some internet friends, there won’t be any cuddles though.

So this time around on Omegle I started a hashtag called #DomCantSleep which caught some attention on twitter, probably because I was one of like 100 people still tweeting at 5am in the morning.

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