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Squidwolf Privacy Statement

Read how we protect your privacy when interacting with Squidwolf companies.

Squidwolf Ltd Website Terms of Use

Outlines the services we provide and the rules associated with using our websites.

Acceptable Use Policy

Outlining your rights as a consumer with regards to use of our services and how we protect ourselves and other customers.

Squidwolf Ltd Terms and Conditions

A less formal document than the EULA that describes the relationship between the developers, customer support, and our members & customers.

Squidwolf Abuse Policy

Information regarding actions we may take when rules are broken.

Official Complaints Procedure

If you are not happy or fully satisfied with any of our products & services, you can read about our Official Complaints Procedure here.


Squidwolf Hosting Terms and Conditions

This page (together with the documents referred to on it) tells you the terms and conditions on which we supply our services described on our website to you (“Services”).

Expired Domains

Our policy regarding expired domains.

Domain Contracts

Certain domains have individual contracts which govern their use.

Hosting Terms

Our terms and conditions regarding all services provided by the Squidwolf Hosting product.

nTLD Applications Terms

The terms regarding the registration of the New Generic Top-Level Domain Names (nTLDs).


End User Licence Agreement

A detailed document outlining the responsibilities of the provider (us) and the consumer (you).

Definition of Terms

This document outlined the definitions of Business Customer, Cooling-off period, and Consumer.

Squidwolf Syndicate Username Policy

An explanation of what names are (or are not) acceptable as usernames on Squidwolf Syndicate.

Chat Rules

Rules, how-to’s and guidelines for using our Instant Messaging services.