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Squidwolf Hosting Expired Domains Terms and Conditions

In the event that a domain name is not renewed by its expiry date it shall cease to operate and shall be deemed to have been “expired”.​

A domain name shall expire if Squidwolf is unable to take payment via the method stored on your Squidwolf Syndicate account or the customer fails to manually renew the domain name.

It is the customer’s responsibility that the email address stored on the Squidwolf Syndicate account is up to date and is able to receive renewal reminders from Potion Forest.

The customer acknowledges that three (3) calendar days after the date of expiration Squidwolf may in its sole discretion carry out the following actions:

  • Renew the domain name;
  • Park the domain name on different Name Servers from those set by the customer including the Potion Forest Name Servers;

Following expiration of the domain name, the customer acknowledges that they have up to 16 days to contact Squidwolf to retrieve and renew the domain name where applicable at the registry, and that the customer pays for said renewal.

The customer acknowledges that seven (7) calendar days after the date of expiration Squidwolf may in its sole discretion charge a redemption fee of up to £35.00 GBP to allow renewal of the domain name.

On receipt of the Renewal Fee by Squidwolf within the 16 day period, you will retain ownership of the requested domain and as soon as reasonably practicable we shall restore the requested domain to your control panel. The customer acknowledges that 16 calendar days after the date of expiration Potion Forest may at its sole discretion carry out the following actions:

  • Auction the domain name
  • Change the Contact Details
  • Transfer the domain name

If we do not receive the renewal fee within the 16 day period stipulated above Squidwolf may at its discretion terminate the agreement and change ownership of the requested domain.

Squidwolf endeavours to renew domain names on behalf of the customer. However, we make no guarantees that all attempted renewals will be successful and it is the registrant’s responsibility to check the WHOIS database to ensure their domain name has been renewed.